Sell Bitcoin for Cash Near You

Howdy friend! Looking for the ways to sell your bitcoin (BTC) for cash? If you answered "YES" then you're at right place my friend! In this guide, I will share 3 most trusted ways to sell your bitcoin instantly in return for cash.

Sell Bitcoin For Cash:

1. First platform that topped our list is Paxful. It is a p2p marketplace that is trusted by more than 3 million users worldwide. It enables sellers & buyers to post ads, Buy & sell Bitcoins on their platform. Indeed, you can also use it to buy & sell bitcoin anonymously.

You could use this marketplace to post your own ad along with the price at which you are comfortable to trade or choose an ad that is already listed to sell your bitcoin for cash in your local area. Posting ads here are totally free of cost.

Sell Bitcoin For Cash
Sell Bitcoin For Cash
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2. Second marketplace that follows Paxful is LocalCryptos. It is another breathtaking crypto exchange that enable users to buy & sell major cryptocurrencies.

All you have to do it choose your region and find the buyer that is interested in buying bitcoin via cash. Apart from this you could also use this exchange buy & sell Bitcoin or Ethereum with PayPal.

The beauty about this platform is that it uses a in-browser cryptography technology to provide you a non-custodial escrow service where it has no control over your funds.

Using a non-custodial platform keeps you in control and safe from external threats until & unless you don't share your private keys with anyone.

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3. Another marketplace that allow users to buy & sell cryptocurrencies in return of cash is BitValve

It is a next generation of p2p cryptocurrency exchange that positions itself as a competitor of Paxful & LocalCryptos. Here you will find lot more cryptocurrencies to trade as compared to other marketplace. In addition, it also offers limited KYC & no restricted countries.

Thing I like about BitValve is that they promise 50% lower fees as compared to their competitors. They are able to do this by using a scheme that is utilized on Binance via their BNB token.

Bitvalve also has it own native token called BTV. Holders of BTV tokens are entitled to 50% discount on fees. I know what you might be thinking, I don't have BTV!! 

Do not worry about that, I have got your back. You can register here and your BitValve wallet will be credited with 5 BTV tokens after you verify your email.

Sell Bitcoin For Cash On BitValve

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