Changelly is a world's leading non-custodial & anonymous crypto exchange aggregator that allow users to buy, sell and swap more than 150 cryptocurrencies.

It was founded by Eric Benz in 2015 and was headquartered in Czech Republic. However, now they have moved to Hong Kong with offices at various locations around the world, e.g., Great Britain, Brazil and Malta.

Changelly has been growing rapidly due to their top notch service and consistently attracting new traders because of their user friendly interface & competitive fee structure.

In fact, the launch of their new trading platform "Changelly Pro" speaks all about their success. And you know, here at Coinspectus we love to do the testing of crypto oriented products & share our thoughts about them.

Thus, today we chose to test & review this exchange. In this review we'll cover all of the questions that a professional trader always looks for before pouring their hard earned money into any marketplace.

Questions like, Is Changelly safe? Is Changelly trustworthy & legit to trade? How exactly they work? What is their fee structure and what makes them a choice of 2 Million users?

Changelly Overview:

It is one of the leading swap platform when it comes to finding the best available rates of the different trading pairs on the market.

The best part is, Changelly does not forbid US-investors from trading on its platform, but US-investors should as always do their own independent assessment of any problems arising from their residency or citizenship.

Is Changelly Safe?

A big Yes! Changelly is a safe & non-custodial crypto exchange aggregator that has been operating since 2015.

Here, users can quickly swap & trade between cryptocurrencies at the cheapest rates available in the market without having to worry about their funds. As the funds are never stored by the Changelly on their online platform. Other than that, they also offers 2 factor authentication to add an extra layer of security on users account.

Is Changelly Legit & trustworthy?

Changelly is a legit & trustworthy platform that offers the service to swap more than 150 cryptocurrencies to one another at a very competitive price. A trading fees of only 0.25% is not an extortionate. Indeed, it's quite cheap for such a convenience.

All of these are the reasons, which makes this marketplace a choice of almost two million users from all across the world and still counting.

If you are wondering what all trading pairs are available on their platform, I would suggest you to check here.

Changelly: A Choice Of Two Million Users
Changelly: A Choice Of  Two Million Users

Does Changelly Require To Undergo KYC Verification?

As long as you're using the swapping feature of Changelly, you'll never be asked to share your personal information however to buy & sell cryptocurrencies via credit & debit cards on Changelly require users to undergo KYC verification as per the AML/KYC policy.

The verification process is as quick as Dominoes delivery and does not take more than 30 minutes to process the applications.

What Is The Fee Structure On Changelly?

This is an important factor which every trader must consider before deciding whether to use the exchange or not.

Changelly takes a negligible fees as compared to the global fees standard. They apply a flat fee of 0.25% to all the crypto trades.

The beauty is they don't hold crypto assets on their platform thus they don't charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. Although, there is a minimum network fees which depends upon the network congestion.

Other than this, if you purchase any crypto with debit or credit card on Changelly, they take 5% fees which is again half of the global standard fee. Click here to check their updated fee structure!

What Countries Are Supported On Changelly?

Changelly has a global presence and offers its services to users in almost every country including Unites States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, India & Canada.

How To Use Changelly & Trade Cryptocurrencies?

There are five easy & simple steps to use & exchange cryptocurrencies on Changelly:

Step 1. Visit The Changelly official Websitesign up with your email.

Step 2. Once you verify the email, you'll be able to choose the crypto pair you'd like to exchange.

Step 3. Once the trading pair is selected, you'll need to ensure that you're okay with the market price & 0.25% service/transaction fee.

Step 4. Once you're ready, confirm the transaction & share your wallet address where you want the exchanged coins to be sent.

Step 5. After that, send the exact amount of crypto to the address provided by Changelly. Once you do that, your transaction history will be saved and you'll receive your exchanged coins in your wallet within few minutes.

Voila! You've exchanged your coins from one to another in a matter of few minutes.

Key Features of Changelly:

Key Features of Changelly
Key Features of Changelly
1. Best rates on the market.

2. Transparent 0.25% transaction/service fee.

3. Transactions are settled in a matter of few minutes.

4. High exchange limits.

5. 24/7 live customer support.


With its ease of use, Changelly is an appealing crypto trading platform that not only allow users to swap cryptocurrencies but also offer the option to buy & sell major cryptocurrencies with credit & debit cards.

Above all, they does not hold your cryptocurrencies on their platform thus this eradicates most of the security concerns that other centralized exchanges has to take care of.

Additionally, Changelly is straight forward to use & their crypto-to-crypto transaction fees is far more competitive than other exchanges available in the market.

Hence, Changelly is worth considering when looking for a best platform to swap cryptocurrencies. However, there is one thing you'll always need to take care of such as creating a strong password and enabling a 2FA as you'd do with any other crypto exchange.

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