Buy Bitcoin Anonymously With Credit Card

Lets admit it! We all hate to share our photo Id and personal information to exchanges!

Thus we often look for a marketplace that allows users to buy bitcoin anonnymously with credit card! And if you're also lookig for the same then sit tight, my friend! This post is for you.

Here, I am going to show you how to buy bitcoins without sharing your verification id on crypto exchanges that are trusted by millions of users whole around the world.

Best Exchange To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

The exchanges that tops the list for buying bitcoin with credit card while remaining totally anonymous are BinanceCoinswitch & Paxful.

1 - Binance

If you have been into crypto then you must have heard of Binance. It is the world's largest exchange in terms of trading volume and registered users.

In 2019, it maintained its lead as the world's foremost cryptocurrency exchange with USD $2,852,591,354 average daily trading volume & 15,000,000+ registered users worldwide.

Binance offer its service whole across the globe. It is the first source to buy bitcoin with credit & debit cards without sharing your personal ID. The best part is that it allows to withdraw upto 2 BTC in a day. However if a person undergo the verification process then one can withdraw upto 100 Bitcoins in a single day.

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Key Features:

1. Easiest platform to buy & sell cryptocurrencies.

2. Accepts user from around the world.

3. Allows users to buy bitcoin via Credit & debit Cards.

4. Has its own native token BNB which can be used to get 50% discount on trading fees.

5. All Funds on Binance are covered by its Emergency insurance fund SAFU.

Coinswitch is a global leading cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that is both safe & legit. Unlike other centralized exchange (Coinbase) it does not custody user's fund.

This is because, Coinswitch does not run its own exchange & neither generate its own liquidity. Instead, it connects with multiple cryptocurrency exchange to find the best exchange rates to enables users to buy & exchange cryptocurrecnies at the cheapest rate available in the whole crypto ecosystem.

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Key Features:

1. Offers a staggering number of trading pairs, check here to see all the trading pairs available on their platform.

2. Neither registeration nor KYC is required to execute the trade.

3. Supports credit card payments.

4. User friendly graphic user interface.

5. Coinspectus readers get a free $5 USD worth of BTC when they trade $100 USD worth of cryptocurrencies.

6. Low fees of 0.5% per trasanction.

3 - Paxful

Paxful is a leading p2p marketplace that enable sellers & buyers to post ads on their platfrom. You can use this platform without undergoing KYC verification. The best things about Paxful is that, unlike other marketplace, It brings users the ability to buy & sell bitcoins with more than 300 payment options.

You can find Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayTM, PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill, Western Union & lot more as a payment method on Paxful.

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Key Features:

1. Termed as the number 1 p2p marketplace in the crypto industry.

2. Offer its service globally, no matter where you live.

3. Has more than 300 payment options along with an option to buy via cash in person.

4. Competitive (Negligible) trasantion fees until & unless you are not trading Gift cards.

5. Payments are settled spontaneously.

6. Easy to navigate

7. Caters to both beginners as well as pro traders.

8. Users can make good amount of money selling gift cards in return of Bitcoin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously With Credit Card

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously?

There are ample of exchange available in the market to buy & sell bitcoin anonymously. However the best is BinanceCoinswitch & Paxfulall of these are among the world's leading crypto exchanges which allow their users to buy & sell Bitcoins without ID.

Can I Use My Credit Card To Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can use your credit & debit cards to buy bitcoin. You can use Paxful or Binance to make your purchase. Both of the marketplace are super easy to navigate & trade cryptocurrencies. Indeed, Paxful allows more than 300 payment options other than credit & debit card.

Are Bitcoin Transactions Traceable?

Many people think that Bitcoin is Anonymous however that's not true. If a person has shared his KYC or bank details with the exchange then with the help of forensic analysis Bitcoin transactions & the person behind those can be tracked.

That's why I prefer to use exchange like Coinswitch that does not require identity verification to trade cryptocurrencies.

Over To You:

There you have it, three crypto exchanges to help you buy bitcoin while remain anonymous.

Now you are aware of the best crypto marketplace to trade bitcoin without sharing your personal information, be sure to spend your time testing out the one you're most interested in.

This way you would be able to figure out which if the above platforms best fits your needs.

And if you're already using any platform, I would love to know which one & what your ideal platform looks like!

Thank you for reading! If you find this post helpful then please share it with your #cryptofriends on social media.

Stay Safe! 🙂