Does TRON 4.0 Pose a Viable Threat to Ethereum Dominance
Does TRON 4.0 Pose a Viable Threat to Ethereum Dominance

Tron Founder Justin Sun recently tweeted a poll asking Twitter users;

Which  Is  Better 😎:   TRON 4.0   or   ETH 2.0 ? 
With over 100K votes eventually cast, Tron narrowly defeat Ethereum as the user preferred platform.

Or did they? The poll was later determined by researchers to have been manipulated to the benefit of Tron. Researchers pointed to the fact that after 10 hours of posting, Ethereum was pummeling Tron with over 72% of the vote. The prospect of getting swept off the floor in his own self administered poll of which the primary demographic were his own followers, may have been too much for Justin to swallow.

Despite the lackluster poll results, Tron has steadily compiled an impressive list of partnerships and acquisitions. Tron DApps are now featured in the Galaxy Store after reaching an agreement a highly publicized agreement with Samsung. The Tron Foundation has been even more ambitious with their numerous high profile acquisitions.

These include: the #1 P2p file sharing network in  BitTorrent, the  Crypto Exchange Poloniex, the live streaming platform DLive, and most recently with the contested takeover of the Steem platform.

Ethereum users continue waiting on the upgrade to Eth 2.0 and the change from a Proof of Work consensus to a Proof of Stake consensus. The release date had previously been projected to be in July of 2020, with Its founder Vitalik Buterin even confirming that the release was on schedule for It’s “July” launch date.

A few days later he has backed away from those comments and said he never heard the reporter say “July” when he confirmed that it was on schedule. Many industry insiders have noted that Ethereum continues encounter bugs and other issues that could eventually delay the launch date yet again.

Could the uncertainty at Ethereum lead to a Tron takeover as the #1 Dapps Platform? 🤔

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