BitForex Exchange Review
BitForex Exchange Review

BitForex is a new cryptocurrency exchange when compared to other players in the market. It was launched in June 2018. However, it still comes in the list of top 10 digital asset exchange by volume & operates in 186 countries.

The best part is that this exchange offers the option of spot trading & perpetual trading with a leverage of 100x.

BitForex Review:

In this review, we'll make you walk through all the major factors that traders often consider while choosing an exchange for trading. We'll cover the services & products of BitForex, deposit methods, trading experience, fees and the customer support.

Things you need to know:

BitForex currently (at the time of writing) supports over 166 trading pairs and is dedicated to provide safe & professional trading experience. Here you'll find wide range of services like spot trading, leverage margin trading & derivatives that caters to both beginners & professional traders.

If BitForex Safe?

Yes, BitForex is a legit cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange that has gained immense popularity as a one-stop digital asset service platform because of its highest security to protect users funds.

It stores 98% of total fund offline in a multisignature wallet which require SMS verification & 2 factor authentication to access.

We have been using this exchange since last 2 years now and has not faced any kind of security breach thus we consider it to be a safe cryptocurrency trading exchange.

One another major factor which depicts it's authenticity is the trust of users it has gained in last two years & its 24 hour trading volume. At the time of writing the 24 hour trading volume of this exchange is USD 1.95 billion! isn't it impressive? 🙂

Where is BitForex located/headquartered?

BitForex is headquartered in Singapore however it also has offices in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Philippines.

Why trade with BitForex?

This is the question that many of my friends ask when I tell them about this exchange and thus I must answer this to you too.

I would suggest to trade on this exchange if:

1. You wants to pay less fee on leverage trading as compared to other exchange.

2. You want the access to 166 trading pair with an impressive liquidity.

3. You like a responsive charting platform & advance trading tools.

4. You like to trade spot & perpetual contracts.

How To Register & Trade On BitForex?

Registering on BitForex is an easy & very simply process. Follow these four steps shared below to get started:

1. Go to BitForex Official Website.

2. Register there & verify your email account.

3. Buy Bitcoin via Credit Card or transfer from other exchange to your BitForex exchange wallet.

4. Voila! You are good to go and can start trading now.

What are the deposit methods on BitForex?

On this exchange, you can deposit funds & cryptocurrencies in several ways. Be it a wire transfer, credit card or cryptos from other exchanges, it all works here.

This is another reason which makes BitForex an entry-level crypto exchange, which is why it is also preferred by the new crypto investors too!

How Much Fees Does BitForex Take?

Trading fee is a very important factor for every crypto investor & day trader. It can eat up anyone's trading profit and thus it is necessary to pay attention to the fee one pays on every trade & withdrawal.

BitForex Trading Fees:

Here you'll pay a flat fee of 0.10% on every trade which is quite low & substantially below the global industry average (which is 0.25%).

BitForex Withdrawal Fees:

BitForex charges a withdrawal fees of 0.0005 BTC although the global industry average is 0.0008 BTC.

That would be all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. If you want to check their official website Visit Here.

Thank you!