Earn Free BTC On Coinchase: The Kick-starter For Cryptocurrencies

Earn Free Bitcoin On Coinchase: The Kick-starter Of Crypto

Coinchase, based in Singapore, is the world's leading platform for blockchain crowdfunding which is offering C2C (consumer-to-consumer) trading facility without any fee to its registered members.

Coinchase's goal is to let users reach a consensus with high-quality blockchain projects. Consensus is the core spirit of any token ecosystem. And Coinchase believes, the introduction of C2C Trading will greatly enhance the tokens' liquidity & reduce the risk of members' loss thus attracting more people to join the ecosystem.

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After participating in the project's crowdfunding the user will not have to wait for the token to get listed on the exchange. They can trade at anytime after Coinchase crowdfunds the project. From the project's perspective, this will increase the liquidity of the token and certainly upgrade the token's value.

In response to the cryptocurrency bear market, Coinchase stand with the users to eradicate their loss. They do this by listing thoroughly researched high quality projects & their cool feature called Break & Return Insurance for the users who participate in the crowdfunding of the projects.

Lets understand what exactly this feature is. Say, if the average price of the project's token falls below the crowdfunding price in the first 48 hours after getting listed on the exchange, users can notify the Coinchase team for 100% restitution of their investment.

You know, Blockchain projects seek supporters from their early stages and Coinchase believes the Break & Return Insurance could be a great means of attracting new supporters & ensuring their investments which is a win-win situation for both, the projects & the users.

In addition to Break & Return Insurance, Coinchase also offers several other amazing services like:

1. Staking facility with an extra ordinary security of the funds & the high interest rate of upto 72% APR on CCH, the native token of Coinchase & 25% APR on other major crypto.

2. Daily check-in rewards: They have a campaign which says "Check-in for 5 years & get upto 1.63 Bitcoin for free".

3. User friendly interface with the aggregated information on all the projects selected for crowdfunding so users can also make the wise decision for their investments.

The best part is, Coinchase offers everyone - institutional, retailer & amateur investors, the opportunity to profit from this revolutionary technology which is why we call it the kick-starter of cryptocurrencies.

If you're new to this metaverse & looking forward to register then we'd suggest you to start with their Daily check-in rewards here.

This option allows anyone to earn free Bitcoin without any investment. Initially, you wont be earning much but in a short span of time you'll start to see the solid return.

You know, many a little makes a mickle. That'd be all. I hope you'll like this platform.

And, If you're already using it then please do share your opinion in the comment box to help others. We'll appreciate your efforts, Thank you!!

Stay Strong & Stay Safe!

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