Tipping Bots Turned ‘Marketing Tools’ - How They Can Earn You Crypto With Every Retweet

Earn Free Crypto Via Tipping Bots

With just one line of code, Twitter “tipping bots” can turn almost any tweet into a viral sensation. And while these wildly popular software tools are almost exclusively regarded as “tipping bots”, competing bot developers, Coinkit and CCTip could more accurately describe their software as a - ‘Marketing Machine’. 

These two relatively unknown software development companies have been thrilled with the overwhelming positive response from their users. Use of their service is going viral and both teams have watched their respective follower counts double and then triple over the past two months alone. Their influence is most notable on Twitter where they have a combined sum of 30,000 devoted followers. 

That’s quite impressive for any niche software but especially when you consider that their adherents include hundreds of the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations and many brilliant technological minds of our era.

We reached out to one Cryptocurrency Proponent and Twitter user @blockchayne.

He has been using CCTip & Coinkit to incentivize and reward his nearly 3,000

followers. He had this to say:

“There’s truly nothing like it that I am aware of. It’s Viral Marketing on-demand! With CCTip and Coinkit, our posts reach a massive demographic, usually tens of thousands of users in a matter of minutes! All for less than the cost of my morning coffee! It’s incredibly cost-efficient”

Example of an incentivized tweet using CCTip
Example of an incentivized tweet using CCTip 

The Tip Bots require only one line of code (highlighted above in green) to incentivize any single post or tweet. Once “incentivized”, the tweet will have an embedded cryptocurrency reward. Any twitter user can then unlock and claim the reward by simply retweeting the post. After the RT, the rewards are distributed (aka “Airdropped”) to the personal wallet of the user that retweeted the post - the airdrops are transferred instantly!

Cryptocurrency Rewards Are Embedded in the Tweet and Released to users whom share or Retweet the post.

We thought it sounded too good to be true, so our team of researchers put that claim to the test. And after several weeks of using the applications (on both Twitter and Telegram), we unanimously agreed that CCTip & Coinkit are legitimate software that 100% deliver on their promises. These applications provide users with the opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency by sharing other users’ posts (on Twitter) and by active participation (on Telegram). During our research, we were able to accumulate and withdrew various amounts of several different cryptocurrencies. There were no delays in the withdraws and we did not encounter any significant problems.

Incentivizing Mass Adoption

These incredibly popular bots are also playing a significant role in the advancement and adoption of cryptocurrency as a whole. Many of their users have never owned nor used any cryptocurrency prior to their using the CCTIP and Coinkit bots.

This means that there are new “recruits” being lured into the crypto and blockchain communities. Once the average user has signed up for a tip-bot wallet and then earned some cryptocurrency by retweeting, they suddenly become crypto HODL’ers with a vested interest in the success of the movement. 

If I own something that I know has value but I do not know much else about it, such as an antique or a painting or in this case some cryptocurrency; Because I already know it has value, I am basically incentivized to learn more about it and to figure out how I can experience the full benefits. From that point, these HODL’ers are often converted into crypto enthusiasts themselves. In that regard, both CCTip & Coinkit are helping expedite the mass adoption of Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CCTip narrowly edged out CoinKit as the user preferred Tipping Bot

For those that wish to get started earning cryptocurrency while browsing their favorite social platforms, we’ve put together a side by side comparison table to help you determine which may be best suited.

Approximate cost at time of publishing (04/12/20)

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