Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Credit & Gift Card Balance

Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card Credit
Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card Credit

Looking for a way to buy Bitcoin or change your Google play gift card credit into Bitcoin? Get Paxful!
This is the marketplace that I am personally using to purchase bitcoin and convert my Google Play Gift Card balance to accumulate more BTC.

To me, This app is a boon due to the fact that it gives more than 300 payment options to purchase bitcoin like Google Pay, PayPal wallet, iTune Gift Cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Gift Card and lot more options.
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Buying Bitcoin with Google Play Gift Card balance could have never be so easy without Paxful:
Just three steps and your gift card is converted instantly, no need to wait for days n weeks as this marketplace does not ask us to undergo any exhausting KYC verification.

Three Easy Steps To Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card Credit:

Once you've signed up on and created the account go to home screen and follow the below mentioned steps:
Step 1: Choose The Option To Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card, Google Pay Or Amazon Pay
On the home screen of Paxful you will find an option to buy/sell bitcoin, choose the option to buy bitcoin & select your desired payment method.
Step 2: Select the seller who is offering the best price, connect with him/her.
Once the payment method is selected, you'll get a list of available sellers. Some of the things I’d check before trusting a seller are:

  • Feedback score
  • How many confirmed trades does this seller have?
  • How old is the account?
  • How many people trust this seller?
  • How many people blocked this seller?

In the end there’s no real measurement to help you evaluate how reliable a seller is. You will need to use common sense after reviewing his complete details.

Buy Crypto With Google Play Gift Card Balance

Step 3: Enter The Amount You have In Your Gift Card/Wallet, start a live chat with the seller and complete the trade.
Once you have found the seller, you'll be taken to the online chat session. Here you can finalize the deal. The seller's bitcoin will be sent to escrow account, and once you mark that you have shared the card details, they will be released to your Paxful wallet instantly.

Ready to roll..? Sign Up Here

Q1. Purpose of App?
Buy Bitcoin Without Including Any Third Party. It is a best P2P marketplace.
Q2. The minimum amount for Redeeming Google play credits & gift card?
Minimum payout is 8 USD respectively.
Q3. Payout time?
Within a few blinks of eyes.
Q4. Charges for Conversion?
Negligible as compared to other marketplace.
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Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

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