Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card Credit

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies has evolved immensely. There are now more things to buy with bitcoin and similarly so many more ways to buy bitcoin. In this guide, I have shared the top three platform to buy & sell bitcoin with Google Play Gift Cards.
In fact on these platform, you will find plethora of other gift cards from popular ones as Amazon gift card, Steam Wallet gift card & iTunes gift card to one that are less known like Subway gift card. You can simply pick any gift card from their limitless selection to buy bitcoin instantly.
These are the marketplace I have selected on the basis of five most crucial factors:
1. Reliability
2. Security
3. Trading Experience
4. KYC/AML Policy
5. And, Customer Service

Top 3 Platform To Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card:

Okay! Here is what I have been gabbering [👉] about Paxful, Redeeem & Localcryptos. These three platform are the face of p2p finance in the cryptoverse & oversees the trading of approx $25 Million dollars worth of Bitcoin every "WEEK".
Paxful was founded in 2015 by Ray Youssef & Artur Schaback. It widely known for offering near limitless selection of payment options which include hundreds of gift cards, dozens of online wallets & traditional payment methods like bank transfer.
Redeeem came into existence in 2018 & was founded by Kyle Hill. This platform is highly focused on gift card trading & offer more than 40 different gift cards to trade for Bitcoin and 30 other cryptocurrencies. 
Localcryptos is a popular self custodial p2p cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Australia and was launched in 2017. The best part is this exchange allow users to retain their wallet private keys like we do in hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X & Cypherock X1
The mission of these platform is to bank the unbanked and create a safe and highly secured ecosystem to trade bitcoin without having to rely on the banks. These companies are disrupting the financial service industry by offering a brand new way for users to become their own exchange & trade value.

1. Paxful: Bringing P2P Finance Revolution

Paxful: Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card

Drum Rolls for Paxful! This is the platform that I often use and highly recommend not because I am affiliated to this company but because it provides several layer of securities on user's fund & has the user friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) among all the p2p marketplace.
It is the world's leading p2p crypto exchange and a Universal money translator. To me, this app is a boon due to the fact that it gives me more than 300 payment options (other than google play gift cards) to purchase bitcoin like PayTM, PayPal, iTune Gift Cards, Apple Pay, Google Play Gift Cards and the list goes on.
However in this post we'll focus on Buying Bitcoin with only Google Play credit & Gift Card balance. If you haven't yet registered on Paxful then I would recommend to do it now because buying bitcoin with google play balance could never be so easy without Paxful.
Just three steps and your google play balance or the gift card credit is converted instantly, no need to wait for days and weeks.

PS: Coinspectus readers will get extra $5 worth of Bitcoin when they verify their identity & make the first trade. Eg., If you would buy $20 worth of Bitcoin then your bitcoin wallet will be credited with extra $5 worth of BTC in the first week of next month.

2. Redeeem: Convert 50+ Types of Gift Card Into Bitcoin

Redeeem is another emerging p2p crypto marketplace for trading gift cards for more than 30 cryptocurrencies. It is a new marketplace relative to Paxful but the team behind this project have vast experience and the Co-Founders are known serial entrepreneurs.

This marketplace works similar to Paxful & offers the escrow service for trading. The cool thing about this marketplace is that they have telegram bot that is linked to your account. And if you are a day trader then this could be very handy to buy and sell bitcoin instantly via gift cards.

Fees are nominal and the customer support has the dedicated team that works 24/7 to help the newbies if they're not sure how things works on the website & settle disputes. The support team can be reached quickly via inbuilt chat popup on the website.

Go to their official website to check all of the supported brands and see what's in there for you!

3. LocalCryptos: Non-Custodial P2P Crypto Exchange

LocalCryptos: Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card

LocalCryptos is considered to be the #1 rated non-custodial p2p crypto exchange. It offer users the options to buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin & even Litecoin all at one place.

LocalCryptos over the recent years has grown to a new heights. This can be attributed to the details they have in regards to the user experience. We all have seen the hacks on some of biggest exchanges in the industry which accounts for billions of dollars of loss of user's funds.

Thus looking at this perspective LocalCryptos has came up with this marketplace that gives the ownership of holding the keys to the users. In accordance to which LocalCryptos does not hold the user's funds. If they gets hacked or run away, the user's fund will still be safe as long as user is hodling his private keys.

The marketplace has everything similar to Paxful other then the number of payment options. The platform is easy to navigate, support team is helpful and available 24/7.

Three Easy Steps To Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Gift Card Credit:

Once you've signed up and verified your account, go to the home page of any of the above platform you registered with and follow the below mentioned steps:
Step 1: Click Buy Bitcoin & Choose The Payment Option [Like Amazon Pay Or Google Play Gift Card].
From the home page you will be able to choose the option to buy bitcoin & select your desired payment method.
Step 2: Connect the seller who is offering the best price & has high quality score.
Once the payment method is selected, you'll see a list of all the sellers that are available. Now I’d recommend you to check the (Quality score) following things before trusting any seller:

  • Number Of Feedback (Both Positive & Negative)
  • No. of confirmed trades on trader's account.
  • Age of the account!
  • No. of people trust this seller.
  • No. of people that has blocked this trader?

These are the mandatory things to evaluate how reliable a seller is. Other than this, you will need to use your common sense after reviewing his complete details and also while chatting to judge the authenticity.

Step 3: Enter The Amount You have In Your Gift Card/Wallet, start a live chat with the seller and complete the trade.

Voila! You have found the seller with 1000s of +ve positive reviews. Once you'll hit the trade option, you'll be taken to the online chat session.

Here you can finalize the deal. The seller's bitcoin will be sent to escrow account, and once you mark that you have shared the card details, they will be released to your online wallet instantly.


Q1. What are the best platform to buy bitcoin with Gift Cards?
You can buy Bitcoin with hundreds of gift cards from major brands on Paxful, Redeeem or Localcryptos.
Q2. The minimum amount for Redeeming Google play credits & gift card?
Minimum Amount is 20 USD respectively.
Q3. Payout time?
Within a few blinks of eyes.
Q4. Charges for Conversion?
Takes 3% of the total transaction which is quite low as compared to global industry average.
Thank you for reading, If you find this post helpful please let me know in the comments below & share it with your friends. And if you may want to discuss anything before joining connect with me on Telegram.
Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels