Best Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy/Sell Bitcoin In India

Investing in Bitcoin is crazy, thrilling and risky at the same time. Today at the time of writing this post, the price of one Bitcoin in India is around $11,078. Although back in December 2017 the price of one bitcoin surged to it's ATH (All Time High) price of $20,000. 

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This digital currency underpinned by the blockchain technology and managed by a decentralized network of computers often called nodes among cryptomindeds, is still a huge gain for long term holders of Bitcoin. A single coin was worth less than $10 in 2010 or Rs. 490 In INR (1 Dollar was equals to Rs. 49).

This expeditious growth & volatile nature of Bitcoin fill people with enthusiasm and attract more investors to pour their money into this virtual currency. And if you're looking for an exchange that lets you buy, sell, exchange & hold cryptocurrencies then this post is what you need to kick-start your research in finding the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy & sell bitcoin in India.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange In India:

There are many secure cryptocurrency exchange available online in Indian market. However, using the perfect exchange & crypto wallet means having low transaction fees and unbreakable security.
There are two types of exchange: Custodial Exchange (Centralized) & Non-Custodial Exchange (Decentralized). In terms of security let me explain which is better:
Custodial Exchange: These exchange are similar to PayPal & Amazon Pay. They hold all your money and if the company's service goes down you won't be able to access your funds until n unless their servers are up again (I tried to explain them in the easiest language). They are generally free to use & hold cryptocurrencies.
Non-Custodial Exchange: These type of exchange works like cold wallets does and provide cold storage feature. In short, they do not hold user's funds and provide the access to wallet private keys. Cold storage is achieved when cryptocurrencies are stored offline. And crypto assets are stored offline they posses a lot less threat to hacks and malware attacks.
I am listing some of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange that're trusted by millions:

#1 Binance: World's Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance: World's Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance is the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates everything on a single platform. Be it buying & selling bitcoin or lending, borrowing, swapping, liquidity mining pools, this platform has lot to offer. (click here to register & save 10% on trading fees for the lifetime)

Key Features of Binance:

1. Low (0.10%) Transaction fees & up to 50% off when paid in BNB tokens.

2. Faster Network confirmation.

3. 2FA authentication which add another layer of security on user's funds.

4. Allow users to trade Bitcoin Anonymously & withdraw up to 2 BTC per day.

5. The best part of this exchange is that all of the fund on it are insured by SAFU.

#2 Paxful: Bringing Financial Revolution

Paxful: Buy/Sell Bitcoin In INR
Paxful: Bringing Financial Revolution

Paxful has both web based & mobile based application with over 3.5 Million downloads on Android & iOS combined. This platform is simple to use which makes buying & selling of bitcoin directly in INR as easy as buying grocery from Big-basket & Amazon. 

You just need to download the app from the playstore/icloud store or register on their official website. There is not KYC needed as long as your trading volume does not reach $1500. However, if you register here, verify your ID and address then there will be no threshold on trading limit & you'll also be rewarded with $5 worth of BTC after your first trade.

The best part, you can send or receive Bitcoins internally on Paxful without any transaction fee up to 5 times in a month. Yes, you read it right. 0% Transaction Fee! 

Key Features of Paxful:

1. Buy/Sell Bitcoin directly In INR.

2. More Than 300 payment Options - PayTm, UPI, PayPal, Google Pay, Bank Transfer, Amazon Gift Card and lot more.

3. User-friendly interface and very easy to navigate.

4. Allows to generate arbitrage opportunities.

5. Has the highest weekly trading volume in India.

#3 KuCoin: Crypto Wallet & Exchange

KuCoin: People's Exchange

KuCoin is an emerging digital currency marketplace that offers a secured crypto wallet to store & trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Another feature you may love on this exchange is Simplex. It allows you to buy crypto ie., BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX with USD through currency conversion via your bank account. All you have to do is enter the amount you want to pour in and select the digital asset you want to invest in. Simplex will do all the math for you and share the number of tokens you'd get in the entered amount (Click here to give it try).

Another interesting thing about this exchange is that it has an option to earn free KCS tokens (native token for KuCoin Ecosystem) via staking & also does not require anyone to undergo KYC verification until and unless one is not withdrawing more than 2 BTC per day.

Key Features of KuCoin:

1. Buy Bitcoin with credit/debit card.

2. Withdraw upto 2 BTC per day without KYC.

3. WinPlay to earn free cryptocurrencies.

4. Backed by major VC firm IDG capital.

5. Has super fast android/ios mobile application.

#4 WazirX - India's Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

WazirX: India's Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange

WazirX is a home grown cryptocurrency exchange that came into market in 2017. And since its inception this exchange has grown rapidly and became a foremost choice of Indian traders. It has 181 market pairs with most popular being the USDT/INR, BTC/INR, ETH/INR and has the 24 hour trading volume of $4 million (on an average).

It was co-founded by Nishchal Shetty who is also the co-founder of a powerful social media management tool CrowdFire. It is used by thousands of major brands across the globe to manage their social profiles, generate leads & schedule social media posts. 

Another thing that makes WazirX special and a safer choice is that it is acquired by Binance (The Elephant in the cryptoforest). Click here to visit their official website.

Key Features of WazirX:

1. Instant INR deposit and withdrawal options.

2. 50% off on fees when paid via WRX tokens.

3. Facilitates auto-matching P2P trades.

4. Can be logged in via Binance account.

5. Smart Token Fund (STF) to help crypto investor find pro traders & let them manage their portfolio.

#5 CoinSwitch - An Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange

CoinSwitch: Buy/Sell Bitcoin In India

CoinSwitch is another popular cryptocurrency exchange aggregator in India. It is backed by sequoia capital & was founded in 14th June, 2017 by Ashish Singhal. Unlike other exchange this platform allow users to swap hundreds of cryptocurrencies across all major exchange without having to create multiple accounts.

The team behind this innovating marketplace has recently launched a mobile application Coinswitch Kuber specially for the Indian market. It allows anyone in India to buy & sell bitcoin using debit card.

Key Features of  CoinSwitch:

1. Users can trade anonymously. (Not on CoinSwitch Kuber)

2. Non-custodial exchange and does not hodl user's funds.

3. Has more than 6000 trading pairs.

4. Backed by the Sequoia Capital.

5. Option to buy & sell by Credit Card.

How To Buy Bitcoin In India?

Buying bitcoin in India is as easy as ordering a mid-day meal from Zomato. All it takes is an account on a registered bitcoin exchange like Binance or Paxful and some fiat. Binance is good for those who wants to buy bitcoin via debit/credit card and trade it for other altcoins.

While Paxful is ideal for those who are looking for local payment options like PayTM, PhonePe, BHIM UPI or Google Pay.

Steps To Buy Bitcoin On Paxful In India:

1. Create an account on Paxful.

2. Verify your email and Aadhaar ID. (One time process)

3. Click buy bitcoin, select the payment options & enter the amount in INR or BTC.

4. Select the seller who is offering the best price and has the best reviews.

5. Open the trade, initiate the chat and get the payment details.

6. Send the payment, attach the receipt and mark the trade as paid.

That's all! Once the seller confirms the payment your coins will be released from escrow account to your Paxful wallet.

Steps To Buy Bitcoin On Binance:

1. Register your account on Binance.

2. Verify your email. (ID is optional)

3. Click buy bitcoin with debit card.

4. Enter the amount in USD or BTC.

5. Proceed further and you will be asked to enter the OTP and authenticate the transaction.

Whoo! Let's celebrate. you now own some bitcoins. Easy peasy? 😉

Over To You 

These are the most popular bitcoin exchanges that caters to the Indian users and even two of them are based out of India. Yes!! Mumbai based exchange WazirX and Bangalore-based exchange CoinSwitch both are the initiative of the Made In India campaign.

Now you know the 5 best cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell bitcoin in India, it's your turn to play safe and choose the exchange that suits you the best. Let say, if you are a day trader then you can try Binance, WazirX or KuCoin. These two exchange have everything an OG looks for. Be it the derivatives, margins or futures you will find it all here.

And when it comes to cashing out your bitcoins, Paxful is the leader in the market. You know why? Because it offers the options to buy/sell BTC for PayTm, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Gift Cards and lot more!

This would be all for now! I will keep updating the list as I discover more quality exchange for Indian users. If you like the read do share the post with your cryptofriends on social media.

Thank you!