5 Best Crypto Exchange & Wallets To Buy/Sell Bitcoin In India

Crypto Exchange To Buy & Sell Bitcoin In India

Investing in Bitcoin is crazy, thrilling and risky at the same time. Today at the time of writing this post, the price of one Bitcoin in India is around $10,200. Although back in December 2017 the price of one bitcoin surged to it's ATH (All Time High) price of $20,000. 

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This digital currency underpinned by the blockchain technology and managed by a decentralized network of computers often called nodes among cryptomindeds, is still a huge gain for long term holders of Bitcoin. A single coin was worth less than $10 in 2010 or Rs. 490 In INR (1 Dollar was equals to Rs. 49).

This expeditious growth & volatile nature of Bitcoin fill people with enthusiasm and attract more investors to pour their money into this virtual currency. And if you're looking for a wallet that lets you store your BTC and also allows to buy, sell & exchange bitcoins to other altcoins likes Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC) Ripple(XRP), Steller(XLM), Tezos(XTZ) or Cardano(ADA) then this post will share the insight to 5 best bitcoin wallets you can securely use to trade & store your holdings.

5 Crypto Exchange To Buy & Sell Bitcoin In India:

There are many secure crypto exchanges available online in Indian market. However, using the perfect exchange & crypto wallet means having low transaction fees and unbreakable security .
There are two types of exchange & wallet: Hot wallets (Custodial Wallets) & Cold Wallet (Non-Custodial wallets).
In terms of security let me explain you which is better:
  • Hot Wallets: These are those wallets that are similar to PayPal & Amazon Pay. They hold all your money and if the company's service goes down you won't be able to access your funds until n unless their servers are up again (I tried to explain them in the easiest language). They are generally free to use & hold cryptocurrencies.
  • Cold Storage Wallets: While Cold wallets are the physical devices that stores cryptocurrencies inside of them. They are the staple of security when it comes to cryptocurrency storage. In short, Cold storage is achieved when Bitcoin private keys are created and stored offline. Private keys stored offline are more secure since there is no risk that a hacker or malware could steal your coins. Due to this, these wallets are not free and used by users who hold large amount of crypto funds. 

I am listing some of the most secured Hot wallets & Exchanges I currently use:

Binance: World's Most Trusted Crypto Exchange & Wallet

Binance is the world's leading crypto exchange that offers the most secured crypto wallet in India. Things which makes it the choice of millions of users whole across the world are:

1. Low Transaction fees.

2. Faster Network confirmation.

3. 2FA authentication which add another layer of security on user's funds.

4. Allow users to trade Bitcoin Anonymously & withdraw upto 2 BTC per day.

5. The best part of this exchange is that all of the fund on it are insured by SAFU

Paxful: Best Bitcoin Wallet For India

Paxful has both web based application & a mobile app based Bitcoin Wallet with over 3.5 Million downloads on Android & iOS combined. This wallet is simple to use which makes buying & selling of bitcoin directly in INR as easy as buying grocery from Big-basket & Amazon. 

Paxful Bitcoin Wallet For India
Paxful Bitcoin Wallet For India

You just need to download the app from the play store/iCloud store or register on their official website here to get started. There is not KYC needed as long as you're not trading more than $1500 in a year.

Indeed, you can send or receive Bitcoins internally on Paxful without any transaction fee. Yes, you read it right. 0% Transaction Fee! 

1. Buy/Sell Bitcoin Anonymously In INR (Indian Rupees)

2. More Than 300 payment Options - PayTm, UPI, Amazon Pay, Google Pay

3. 24*7 Open For Trade

4. 24*7 Customer Support

KuCoin: Crypto Wallet & Exchange

KuCoin is a trending and the trusted digital currency marketplace that offers a secured crypto wallet (to everyone who register on their official website) to store & trade 100s of cryptocurencies.

KuCoin Crypto wallet & Exchange For India
KuCoin Crypto Wallet & Exchange

Another feature you may love is Simplex. It allows you to buy crypto ie., BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX with USD through currency conversion via your bank account. 

The beauty about this exchange is that it has an option to earn free KCS tokens (native token for KuCoin Ecosystem)via staking & trade up to 2 Bitcoins per month without undergoing KYC verification.

Bitrue - Leading Crypto Wallet

Bitrue is as similar as KuCoin and offer top 100 altcoins to trade although, this wallet is specifically tailored for the XRP Followers. Here unlike other crypto exchange, the base pair is XRP instead of BTC.

Bitrue Wallet To Earn Daily Interest On Crypto In India
Bitrue Wallet To Earn Daily Interest On Crypto; Image Source: CryptoNewsZ

Perhaps, this is one of my favorite marketplace due to its amazing features like daily rewards & piggy bank which allows to earn free Ripple- aka XRP tokens for just checking-in daily and through annual interest on crypto.

Popular Crypto To Earn Upto 10.2% Annual Interest:

1. Bitcoin - BTC

2. Ethereum - ETH

3. Ripple - XRP

4. VeChain - VET

5. Bitrue - BTR

BitMart - A Premier Global Bitcoin Wallet & Exchange

BitMart is another popular cryptocurrency exchange in India due to its widely famous bounty program for new users who register on their official website. It is similar to Bitrue but has better customer support.

It allows it community members to make some good passive income while spreading the words about their services and features. For every successful referral invitee gets to earn 10 free BMX Tokens whereas invited friend gets 30 Free BMX tokens on registration.

It was launched in 2017 and since then growing rapidly. Click Here to go onto their official website and give it a try!! 

1. 24*7 Customer Support.

2. 24*7 Open For Trade.

3. Lowest Processing Time.

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