4 Legit Telegram Bots To Earn Free Crypto

If you are curious and want to know the ways to mint money via telegram, then you have landed on the right page, my friend!

In this guide I'm have shared legit ways to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, & ZCash on Telegram.

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There are 4 bots that allows their members to earn crypto in return of watching ads which are published in their groups & join other groups. I have been using them since 3 years now and fortunately never had to come across any inconvenience. 

I'm talking about the Doge Click Bots. They are into the market since 6 years and providing seamless service to their users. It is kind of google that allows publishers to run ads and promote their websites, YouTube videos & Telegram group internally.

Legit Telegram Bots To Earn Free Crypto:

In this video I have used the LTC Click bot (It pays in Litecoin) and shared the steps to earn and withdraw your crypto. 

The best part is that you can set these bots to work on autopilot mode by referring your friends, family and other users to join these bots. In return, you'll get 15% commission from their earnings. And that's huge! 

Suppose, you just refer 1000 person & everyone earns 0.00001000 LTC daily on an average. (It would just need 2 to 3 clicks to earn this much) 
Thus the total earnings of your referrals would be:  

1000*0.00001000 = 0.01000000 Daily

Now, let's calculate 15% of 0.01000000; that's 0.00150000 LTC/Daily.

The more you refer the more you earn. I would suggest you not to withdraw yours earnings initially rather invest that on these bots to generate cross referrals. 

What I mean is that there are people who are using BTC click bot but are not aware of LTC & ZEC Click bot. 

So you can publish your ad on LTC and Insert your referral link of ZEC bot. Once you feel that you have gained a decent number of referrals that are bringing in the free money then just sit back, relax and watch your holdings grow.

1. BTC Click Bot

This Telegram bot allows to earn in Bitcoin (I mean Satoshis).

2. BCH Click Bot

Here you can earn Bitcoin Cash aka - BCH

3. LTC Click Bot 

This Telegram bot allows you to mint unlimited Litecoins.

4. ZEC Click Bot

Like others it gives the option to earn ZCash.

Hope this helps, If you find this post interesting please do share it with your friends. Thank you!

Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels