BAT Could Replace BTC As The Main Trading Pair?

Brave Browser APK For PC
Brave Browser
If you are into crypto space then you must have heard of Brave Browser(Available on both PC & Mobile). It is a free and open source application (apk) based on the chromium web browser. 

Although, it is powered by blockchain technology & blocks ads, website trackers unlike Google and give options to reject or watch ads in return of BAT tokens(Native token that can be used to obtain variety of basic attention based services like advertising on Brave Browser).

Brave Browser: Click Here To Go To The Official Website

Due to which, it has the most traction out of all cryptos that exist today. If we look at the recent stats then Brave Browser has surpassed more than 10 million monthly active users & gained 12x increase in new publishers. This is surprising because there is no other token in the market that has more than 100,000 monthly active users.

It is incomprehensible, but BAT is far ahead of all other tokens. Even Bitcoin only has around 10 million monthly active users.

Considering the features and annual growth of Brave Browser, it could be used by more people as than bitcoin within the next few months. At this moment its market cap is really small as compared to Bitcoin.

But, BAT is aiming at stealing a significant market share from Google & Facebook who are both valued at $1.3T by offering the same ads for 30% cheaper (because they don't take their cut instead like their token and makes money by holding a percentage of the total supple and pays expenses with those holdings). 

And if BAT is able to achieve this target then it could significantly gain 1,000x or even 10,000x growth and replace BTC as the main trading pair (since they have almost as much adoption as Bitcoin now).

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