InvestoAsia: Another Indian FinTech Startup Powered By Blockchain

InvestoAsia- Indian FinTech Startup Powered By Blockchain
Indian FinTech Startup Powered By Blockchain, Image Source: InvestoAsia 

After, decentralized voting application here is another Indian Startup powered by blockchain, InvestoAsia, founded by a young 23 year old entrepreneur Smriti Tomar. 

InvestoAsia is a platform to participate in the growth of emerging economies without the hassle of brokers, paperworks and trading accounts, through the ease and simplicity of digital assets. And all this is available to the users 24/7, anywhere around the world, within seconds. 

Its a revolutionary concept that can change how the foreign investors access the foreign markets today. This can expand their investment horizons and give them better returns as compared the developed countries they are currently investing in due to ease of access.

As of now, the process of investment in Indian equity market for any foreign investor involves very hectic and cumbersome procedures which is time consuming , cost inefficient and can be prone to numerous risks. The multi-layered processes — pre-trade, trade, post-trade, custody, and securities servicing is very complex. 

This complexity & gap clicked Smriti Tomar, CEO of InvestoAsia and thus she came up with a solution that will cut transaction costs, reduce security threats and be seamlessly efficient, making securities available globally in a digitized manner which can be further traded, giving everyone a fair chance of investing. 

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