Millennials Are Helping To Drive Cryptocurrency Use Into The Mainstream

Did you know, recent research suggests that the overall increase in society's acceptance of the blockchain technology is exponential and is concentrated among the youngest cohort of the population?

If you’ve been to cryptocurrency conventions or meetups, you’ll be aware that this is a young people’s movement. Unlike the blockchain technology movement, which seems to attract a broader range of followers (many of whom work in the corporate sector), the advent of cryptocurrency appears to be a young person’s revolution.

Paxful, the online bitcoin marketplace, commissioned the latest survey of U.S. Millennials aged 22 to 42. Between August 14 and 19, 2019, members of these generations who had at least some knowledge of cryptocurrency were surveyed. 

The results were astonishing and revealed, 98.4 percent of respondents in this age group were familiar with Bitcoin (BTC), 77.4 percent with Ethereum (ETH), 71.6 percent with Litecoin (LTC) and 47.6 percent with Ripple (XRP).

Perhaps even more surprising were the results of a recent investment report from U.K. law firm, Michelmores.
This report examined investment decisions of millennial investors in the U.K., the research shows that traditional forms of investment continue to be popular with most affluent young people: 
They invest in life insurance (30 percent), investment trusts (25 percent) and fixed income securities (23 percent). Nevertheless, a surprising 20 percent have also invested in cryptocurrencies.

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